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NEWSLETTER: White Stork and Kyiv City Ballet

Updated: Oct 2

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We have some exciting news! We’re honored to announce that we have been named as the beneficiary charity for the Kyiv City Ballet’s North American Tour. Our work remains vital, and the support of this incredible ballet company will aid our continued fight to provide meaningful on-the-ground support where it is needed most.

Ukraine Kiev City Ballet | Operation White Stork

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This is the Kviv City Ballet’s first tour in the United States. Their performances are deeply entwined with the long artistic history of Ukraine. This spring, the company performed in France to help raise funds for Ukrainian civilians following the Russian invasion. The U.S. tour features several performances of “Swan Lake” alongside their repertory program. Beginning September 16th, the tour will have stops at cities throughout the United States.

Special thanks to the Polsky Foundation for their support for the Kyiv City Ballet and Operation White Stork.

The White Stork team is excited to attend the Chicago tour stops on September 24th and 25th. Here are all of the tour details:

Wilmington, NC

September 16: "A Tribute to Peace," "Classical Suite," & "Men of Kyiv"

Charlotte, NC

September 18: "Thoughts," "A Tribute to Peace," & "Men of Kyiv"

Suffolk, VA

September 21: "Tribute to Peace" & "Men of Kyiv"

September 22: “Swan Lake”

Chicago, IL

September 24 & 25: "Thoughts," "Tribute to Peace," & "Classical Suite"

Detroit, MI

September 27: "Thoughts," "Tribute to Peace," & "Men of Kyiv"

New York City, NY

September 29 & 30: "Thoughts" & "Men of Kyiv"

Dallas, TX

October 3: "Tribute to Peace" & "Men of Kyiv"

Chattanooga, TN

October 5: "Swan Lake"

October 6: "Thoughts" with opener by Chattanooga Ballet

October 7: "Tribute to Peace" with opener by Chattanooga Ballet

Tulsa, OK

October 9: "Swan Lake"

Jonesboro, AL

October 11: "Swan Lake"

Montgomery, AL

October 18: "Swan Lake"

Opelika, AL

October 20: "Swan Lake"

New Orleans, LA

October 22: "Thoughts" "Tribute to Peace" "Men of Kyiv"

Lafayette, LA

October 23: "Thoughts" "Tribute to Peace" & "Men of Kyiv"

October 24: "Tribute to Peace" + "Men of Kyiv"

Minneapolis, MN

October 26: "Thoughts," "Tribute to Peace," & "Classical Suite"

  • Purchase your tickets online

  • Meet the White Stork team

  • Watch some fantastic ballet

Thank you for your continued support of Operation White Stork. Our work is never-ending and it means so much to have you all alongside us for it. We hope you will be able to join one of these incredible performances.

Yours in Service,

William McNulty

Head of Mission

Can't make it? You can still support our essential work on the ground in Ukraine by sending a donation online.

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